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www.darsemansoor.org এখন www.darsemansoor.com

Mufti Mansurul Haq دامت بركاتهم

Mufti Mansurul Haque دامت بركاتهم was born January 12, 1953, Khulna, Kamalapur. He is a prominent Bangladeshi scholar of The Jami’a tu Abrar, in Dhaka. Previously he was one of the top scholar of the Jamia Qurania Arabia Lalbagh (is an institution for higher Islamic studies in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It has seven education sections from kindergarten to post-graduate levels). Also educationist, and social reformer. He founded many other madrasas, mosques. Allama Mufti Mansurul Haque دامت بركاتهم wrote the translate ‘Taisirul mubbtadi’ and wrote ‘Qawayede Urdu’ which is attached at the end of ‘Taisirul Mubbtadi’. Among three children of late Abdur Rahim Gazi رحمة اللہ علیه; Mufti Mansurul Haque دامت بركاتهم is the eldest one. His siblings are Hafez Maulana Abdul Mazid دامت بركاتهم and Maulana Abdul Aziz دامت بركاتهم.

Allama Azizul Haque رحمة اللہ علیه and Mufti Mansurul Haq دامت بركاتهم jointly founded the Jamiah Rahmania Arabia (renown Islamic educational Institute) at Dhaka in 1986.

Mufti Mansurul Haque دامت بركاتهم has eight (8) children. Among them, four are sons and four are Daughters. His eldest son Ehteshamul Haq رحمة اللہ علیه was a scholar of the Jamia Rahmania Arabia – Mohammadpur, Dhaka. He was also a faculty of “Jami’a Arabia Madinatul Uloom” situated in Pakistan. He was martyred in Pakistan in the holy month of Ramadan 1435 Hijri, by the Shi’a rebel group. May Allah be pleased with him.

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